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SCIFIpawty Donation to 1x1 Cats

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Make a SCIFIpawty monetary donation to One By One Cat Rescue to help take care of the cats and continue their mission of saving lives.

All money donated goes toward bettering the lives of animals in our care and surrounding areas.

We had to cut off the minimum donation for SCIFIpawty at $5 as PayPal takes $.41 cents of that and anything less. While any size donation helps, the smaller the donation the more of it PP keeps. We are here to help the kitties, so we want them to be able to keep more of the funds!

Helpful hint if you wan to donate $15 simply add a ten dollar donation into your cart then click "continue shoppinh" which will bring you back to this page where you can then add a five dollar donation to your cart.

Please note: this item is marked as free shipping so that no additional charges are added to your cart. No item will be shipped to you.

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